"From third grade to high school graduation, our children, David (guitar) and Monica (bass guitar and piano), were students with Mr. Kersker at Accel. Not only did they learn to play their instruments, but Mr K. creates bands composed of students with comparable abilities. At that point we could see the amazing leap forward in their dedication and expertise in all areas of music. Imagine watching your children playing in a rock band with all of the musical and social interactions! In addition to the creative and thoughtful musical program at Accel., we have been very thankful to Mr K for his patience and kindness, and most importantly, for his ability to be a wonderful role model for our children. David and Monica (both now in college) still consider their time with Accel to be some of the best memories of their school years." ~ Mike Caggiano

"I have taken vocal lessons from Chris Kersker for a huge portion of my life. Chris was able to find my strengths (voice in the classical style) and push me to accel far beyond what I could have imagined when I first began taking lessons. Chris has a knack for teaching and adapts his methods based on each individual student's best learning style. Chris and the staff at Accel are very kind, flexible, and unbelievably passionate for the skills they have committed to teaching others. I am proud to call myself a student of Chris Kersker and recommend him and his staff to the highest regard for all instrumental instruction." ~ Alexandra Najjar, 2002-2011

"Chris has been a very influential mentor to me in my musical journey. When I was a young student of his, he always made sure I was having fun as I was progressing in my studies. While I was at Berklee College of Music, Chris helped me develop professionally as a working musician. As a teacher I try to impart the experience I had with Chris with my students. No matter where you are at in your musical journey, or if your thinking about picking up an instrument for the first time, I highly recommend Chris Kersker as a teacher." ~ Alex McGillivray, 2002-Present

"I am confident to say that without the Accel School of Music my musical drive and skills would not be the same. Before taking lessons from Chris Kersker, I mostly played around for fun and only knew how to play simple chords and songs. With the Accel School of Music I was able to take my passion for music to the next level. I found Christopher Kersker to be a very knowledgeable and talented musician. He understands technique and theory very well and knows how to teach it. Before I started learning from him he sat me down and talked about what I wanted to accomplish and get out of my lessons. Chris Kersker was able to keep lessons both entertaining and challenging. After years of lessons I realized that the Accel School of Music cares about more than just teaching music but is also about a one on one relationship that will last a lifetime. I have recommended friends and family to Chris Kersker, and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to take their music to the next level." ~ Andrew Glidden, 2006-2013

"I started taking voice lessons with Chris Kersker when I was a sophomore in high school. I was looking for a teacher who would help me overcome my fear of singing in front of people, as well as broaden my general knowledge of music. During one of my first lessons, when Chris had me singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables, a song in a genre that I had rarely listened to prior to that lesson, I knew I was going to receive an amazing education. In just two years at the Accel. School of Music I learned how to write meaningful songs, recorded a song in a studio, learned a few pieces on the piano, joined a Rock Lab, performed at places such as the Topsfield Fair and Beverly Homecoming, and sang everything from The Little Mermaid to Led Zeppelin. Chris is the most entertaining and relaxed person I have ever met, which made taking on the numerous opportunities that he put forth for me incredibly fun. I am forever grateful to have had the chance to be a student at the Accel. School of Music." ~ Courtney Hennigan, 2013-2014

"The 7 years I spent learning music with Chris Kersker were a prolific time of learning. For each lesson, I found myself consistently greeted with great enthusiasm by someone who enjoys bringing the gift of music to others. Chris always made sure the lessons were about enjoying music, and moved at a pace that was comfortable for the student to understand the material. Each lesson was a casual experience dedicated to an interest in being a better musician. Chris' Rock Lab program carries the same care, and further gives each student the opportunity to grow through practice with other young musicians. He deeply cares about giving his students a great experience through participating in a band, and playing live shows. His lessons were enjoyable from beginning to end, and allowed me, as well as many others, to develop a great interest in music, and the playing of it." ~ Andrew Mazzeo, 2007-2014