The Accel. School of Music is a BONS winner

"The Accel. School of Music cares about more than just teaching music but is also about a one on one relationship that will last a lifetime." ~ Andrew Glidden, 2006-2013

"Chris is the most entertaining and relaxed person I have ever met, which made taking on the numerous opportunities that he put forth for me incredibly fun. I am forever grateful to have had the chance to be a student at the Accel. School of Music." ~ Courtney Hennigan, 2013-2014

Music Lessons

Accel. School of Music provides lessons to children and adults. Study voice, piano, guitar, bass guitar or drums.
Highly-qualified, experienced, friendly instructors who have experience teaching adults and children.

Rock Lab

Rock Lab is an opportunity for students in middle and high school to play in a band. All styles of rock are explored.
Performances are scheduled regularly. Recording opportunities are available.

Recording Studio

A full-service recording studio is available on-site to record you or your band.
Contact Chris to schedule a recording session and for pricing information.